Robert Rodriquez

It’s Time to Get Involved!

Robert Rodriquez

It’s Time to Get Involved!

It’s Time to Get Involved

Robert Rodriguez is running for re-election to the NYS Assembly to work to create a NY that works for all of us, especially those East Harlem.

Rodriguez 2018 is a campaign that champions your needs and the needs of your neighbors here in East Harlem. Together, we will work towards better education for our children, more comprehensive healthcare for all, and better jobs.

I put you and your needs first. I run my campaign the right way. I have faith in you and all of my neighbors and of course the East Harlem community


Robert Rodriguez

It's Time to Get Involved

Elected to the Assembly in November 2010, Robert holds a B.A. from Yale University and an M.B.A. from NYU. Before being elected to the Assembly, Robert worked as a VP of a minority-owned public finance firm where he helped municipalities raise money for development and public works projects. In his role in the Assembly, Robert focuses on protecting and creating affordable housing, ensuring children get the quality education they deserve, and bringing good jobs into the community.

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WHY Robert Rodriguez in November?

``East Harlem deserves a leader that understands your needs and your experience.``


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